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World Population Day Quotes-SMS

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On this World Population Day
Lets pledge for a better tomorrow
Lets wipe out poverty, illiteracy and over population
Bring on the smiles, forget the sorrow..

Family planning is the only solution
For a world of equality and peace
On World Population Day
Understand a thought simple as this
Happy World Population Day…

A spacious ground to walk on
Fresh air to live
Education to each and everyone
Is all I want to give
Take a pledge this World Population Day….

World Population Day is a time
To get aware and understand
Let’s bring about a positive change
And respect our sun and sand
Happy World Population Day…

Population control is our responsibility
Be aware and spread smiles
Wish you a Happy World Population Day
Together lets travel success miles.

Live a life of peace
Make space for everyone
Take an oath today
Our new journey has just begun
Happy World Population Day..

Fight poverty, eradicate illiteracy
Make this world a beautiful place
Stay aware, make a difference
Then God shall shower his grace
Happy World Population Day.

Democracy cannot survive overpopulation
Take charge and live
Respect earth, show you are worth
In end you will receive what you give
Happy World Population Day

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