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Do not count what u have lost.
Just see what u have now,
because past never comes back
but sometimes future can give
u back Ur lost things! ‘good night‘.

I have given some marvelous persons a special place in my heart
And u happen to be the one among them topping the list.
Good night and lots of sweet sugary dreams.
Cuddle up and sleep tight.
On this cold cold night,
In my small small room,
I look at the bright bright stars,
In the dark dark sky
And Dream of your sweet sweet smile
On Ur cute cute face!
Good Night!

As U go 2 bed tonight,
I ordered bats 2 guard U tight.
I told some ghosts to dance in white,
And 2 make sure Ur alright,
I’ll ask the Dracula 2 kiss Ur neck.
Good Night.

Hi had Ur dinner
Go 2 bed fast
Because something is waiting 4 u
Do u know what is that…?
“Sweet dreams”
Good Night!

One evening I’ll come 2 ur room,
Lock the door,
Turn off the lights,
Join U in bed.
I’ll come closer 2 U,
My lips near Ur face,
And I’ll shout,
Have a great night.
“Good Night”

My day may be hectic.
My schedule may be tight.
But I would never let the day end
without saying good night. Sweet dreams!

I wish moon always be full & bright !!!
U always be cool & right!!!
Whenever u go to switch off the light,
Remember that I am wishing u Good Night……

Take a deep breath,
Stand near the window,
Look at the sky,
There will be two stars twinkling brightly,
u know what they are????
They are my eyes always taking care of U..
Good night.


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