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Good Morning Wishes For Friends in Eglish

Good Morning Wishes For Friends in English : Every girl dreams of having a boyfriend who greets
her with a sweet Good Morning text to start the day and sends cute Good Night wishes to
tuck her into bed. You will earn a lot of hugs, kisses and more if you send out a mushy
greeting to your girl first thing in the morning. From beautiful quotes about love to
funny ones about relationships – this post is a lovely idea bank which you can use to
create your own sweet little greeting. Go on, let your girlfriend feel like she is the
luckiest girl in the whole world by giving her the pleasure of reading a mushy text while
she rolls about in bed in the morning.

Good Morning Timeline Messages

i wished you goodnight
now i wish you a better morning
get up and go no yawning
still got love for you no worrying
forward ever backward no going
you are the best keep shining


some will say good morning
some will say how was your night
but i say both with some loving
for you my love shines bright
so glad to have you alive this morning
have a great day be sure to stay alright


colorful like a flower garden
so is how i wish your day this morning
cheerful like a baby giggling
so will your day go no worrying
love you all night and all morning
to you my love i say good morning


everyday should be your birthday
you sleep at night and wake up on a new day
i love you at night and i still do all day
i wish you a great day
better than you had yesterday
My princess made for me from heaven
perfect for me like number seven.
My angel her love for me is like none other
I love her like she is born of my mother.
I love you princess, I do.
Good morning


Lying here wishing I have my baby here,
wishing I could just peck her here and there,
wishing I could hold my baby so dear
but she is far and not near.
Love and miss you so much my love
trust your night was sweet
have a wonderful day

Distance may separate us
yet passionate love binds us
work may take our time
yet in our heart we connect at all time
and may God who author time
bless you all the time.
Good morning dear


To us distance is not a place of separation
but a place of been together and one in the spirit.
Morning sweetness hope your night was restful
have an insightful day.
I LOVE you


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